Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today is Tuesday and I feel GREAT! Not sure why... oh well. Sometimes you just don't need a reason to be happy! Lol. Today I tried tanning on my trampoline at first just to get some color but my dad said that it would help me not to roast in Arizona. I LEAVE IN 3 DAYS! (shrieks)! I am so excited! I still need to do a little laundry and pack things up but otherwise, I'm ready! Lol. Today my plans are to go to walmart when my mom gets home so that I can finish getting everything that I need for the trip. So far I've got most everything I need I just haven't packed it yet. I need a sleeping bag and socks and a few more things but you probably don't care. Haha. I'm bored... oh well I'm leaving for walmart in about an hour or so. I think I'm gonna go straighten my hair with my new straightener. I got a new one yesterday. YAY! God Bless!!


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