Sunday, May 30, 2010


Today is Sunday and I get to go to church with my friends!! And then after that we are just going to chill at her house until choir rehearsal. This is probably going to be a really short post because we have to leave soon. Yesterday I was going to post an entry but I forgot because I was having too much fun! lol I came over to her house yesterday and then I spent the night and today we're going to church and then coming back here. Hopefully, my family will be there. It's amazing how well Little C and Little K do during church. They just sit quietly and do stuff... I've seen mom have to get on to them sometimes but it's because they keep asking for something over and over and over. Haha. Well... I better go so that I can finish getting ready!! I'm gonna have an awesome day! I hope y'all do too! God Bless!!



  1. I can't believe you are still posting after 3 days. Wooohoo